Upgrade the Performance of Your Systems Using the High Quality Patch Cords

Upgrade the Performance of Your Systems Using the High Quality Patch Cords

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  • 2022-05-13
Upgrade the Performance of Your Systems Using the High Quality Patch Cords

The patch cables help in establishing a connection between two electronic or optical devices for accomplishing the purpose of signal routing.

Generally, this cord or cable is used for network applications for patching a signal from one router to another router.

Besides the router, the cable is also used for patching a signal from one hub to another hub, or from one switch to another switch.

The telephones involve the most widespread usage of patch cables for carrying a variety of signals.

Add Mechatronics is regarded as the best supplier of Patch Cords in Gujarat and has acquired a strong reputation in the market not only in the sector of electronics & automation products, but in the sphere of fire equipment and bakery products as well.

In other words, if you are interested in connecting two electronic or optical devices with each other, then Patch cords are the best resort.

Various other types of devices can also be connected using patch cords and these cords are produced in multiple colors that can be easily distinguished.

Some prime examples of patch cords include-

  • Headphone extension cables
  • Microphone cables
  • XLR connectors
  • Tiny telephone connectors
  • Thick cords

The above mentioned patch cords help in carrying video or amplified signals as well. The patch cords designed and manufactured by highly trained professionals at Add Mechatronics are highly durable and sturdy as well.

Critical to Operation of Electronic Equipment

The patch cables or patch cords are highly critical for the operation of electronics and optical equipment.

We are the best Patch Cord Manufacturers India as our patch cables allow the system performance to operate at the required speeds and bandwidth.

These patch cables are useful for transmission of various signals such as-

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Telephone
  • Digital signals

Further, these signals are used for networked and non-networked applications and apart from transmission of signals, these cords are also used for wiring audio components.

There are a variety of cable types used for making the patch cables and these cable types are mentioned below-

  • Coaxial
  • UTP
  • STP
  • Fiber Patch

But, the most widely used cable types are Copper Patch Cables and Fiber Optic Patch Cables.

Benefits & Uses

The patch cords or patch cables are extensively used basic components in the vast field of optical communication.

One of the prime advantages of using a patch panel is that it helps the user acquire a structural and simpler control of the wired network.

Not just data, but complex network architectures can be transferred, attached or changed by network administrators using patch panels.

Also, the patch panels use smart methodologies for connecting communication lines from one office to another.

In case of an optical fiber cord, the signal traveling through a fiber cable is contained in an individual strand of fiber and it shall be accessed from the cable through interception.

These cords play an integral role in network functionality and they are used for companies that are active in the field of telecommunications.

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